Simple But Good Titles

A good title answers two things: What is the offer and where is it? For example, “Grab a Paladins Closed Beta Key For PS4!”

Give Clear and Detailed Descriptions

Give clear and detailed descriptions. Keep it simple and write it yourself. Do not copy and paste descriptions, because these rarely help people understand what the giveaway or deal is.

Also We’d much rather have too much detail than be short on it.

Duplicate giveaways and deals (first come, first served)

It wouldn’t be a very helpful place if the whole site was flooded with the same giveaway or deal. Because of that we’ve agreed that duplicate deals are dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis.

Referral Links

We don’t want to encourage users sharing low quality links for the sole purpose of commissions, so moderators still hold the right to unpublish, change or remove referral part of the links without any notice.

What Should Not Be Posted

⦁ Gambling and sites with adult themes.
⦁ Illegal goods and services.
⦁ Lotteries and raffles where users have to buy chances to win a prize.
⦁ Copyright infringing content such as torrent sites and private servers.
⦁ Scam websites including code generators and others.
⦁ Redirect websites or URL Shorteners aren’t allowed as they can be used by spammers hiding the true nature of the page they are linking.

We may have to remove your submission if we feel it doesn’t fit in with the values of the community. And some things can also get you banned.

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